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Anycast DNS plan

We currently have 18 Anycast DNS locations:

Amsterdam, Netherlands (ns1, ns2)
Berlin, Germany (ns4)
Frankfurt, Germany (ns3, ns4)
Sao Paolo, Brazil (ns4)
Dallas, United States (ns1, ns2)
London, United Kingdom (ns3, ns4)
Los Angeles, United States (ns3, ns4)
Moscow, Russia (ns4)
Miami, United States (ns3, ns4)
Prague, Czech Republic (ns4)
San Jose, United States (ns1, ns2)
Seattle, United States (ns1, ns2)
Singapore (ns1, ns2)
Sydney, Australia (ns4)
Ukraine (ns4)
Washington, United States (ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4)
Hong Hong (ns1, ns2)
Stockholm, Sweden (ns4)

Plan with max 100 domain DNS zones.

Our Anycast DNS is for free when you order Cloud Hosting or Cloud VPS

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